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*January 2022 Update Happy new Year dear Souls. Please keep your eyes peeled for the *Online Monthly Yoga Nidra Class, as this date changes each Month, but its always on a Friday. One of the best way to relax and unwind from Your week and get your weekend off to a peacful start!

For some Shorter sessions in between this online schedule you can access a Free 30 Minute session weekly on Facebook group Evolve Collective for a Wednesday weekly live session 9.30 am. If you can’t make that time I post the class in the group for post class catch up*

As we are still co existing with the COVID Virus and all of its variants I am continuing a schedule of online classes.

Practicing Yoga together, through out this constantly changing landscape provides a way to stay connected, which is parmount for our wellbeing.

The classes are bookable through my booking system.

Prices have increased slightly, to * £8 per class or £30 per block of 4 classes. This is payable by Paypal on email or BACS, contact me for details.

Looking forward to sharing the wisdoms of yoga and mindfulness with you.

yours in Wellness,

Om Shante.x


Wednesday 6pm
Mindful Yoga
Wednesday 7.15pm
Yin Yoga

Saturday 9.30am
Yoga Refresh

Monthly Yoga Nidra 7.30pm Friday at 7pm January 2022