Here are some lovely words from my students.


Your class is fabulous and I feel so very settled and centred after a rather tumultuous week.


I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed the class this morning at David Lloyd… Thank you for your awareness of the world and the wonderful things in it.


It was amazing, I saw and felt so much, Wow!


Thank you Chandra the work you do to help others. In your classes I feel so nourished, truly held and safe.

David Lloyd Club Member

I love Chandra’s Yoga Classes, she shares so much fascinating background in each session, what the different poses mean and how they connect to our health and emotions.


I am finding that the mindful classes of Yin and Meditation have really helped me to find peace and calm and help me to find the space to work through challenging things in my life. Your voice is very calm and helps me to completely relax, and I’m always interested in the subject matter that you choose and how it always seem to intuitively resonate with me. I feel that these classes are very supportive in me having a different outlook on life and I really look forward to your classes every week.


I have noticed some subtle changes since attending your [Shamanic Rituals Day] Retreat. I feel that I am responding to things in a calmer way and with greater clarity than I did before. My decision making is also definitely better with less indecision!

Julie H

Chandra’s Wellness Alchemy class is a wonderful combination of restorative yoga, sound healing and reiki. Pure bliss!
Always so welcoming, Chandra creates a beautiful, calming space, in which to release, relax and revitalise through gentle floor based postures and stretches. But this is so much more than just a yoga class. Chandra accompanies with healing sounds and individual reiki, as well as several thoughtful finishing touches, such as candles, blankets and essential oils. Perfect peace and serenity.
I highly recommend this class!


Chandra is an exceptional and very special yoga teacher. She is genuine and thoughtful and her classes always nourish the soul as well as the body. I have been lucky enough to regularly attend her inspirational classes for over two years and have enjoyed them immensely. I would not hesitate to recommend Chandra to anyone looking forward to a warm, nurturing and fulfilling environment to practice and develop their yoga.

Marion and Paul C

We wanted to do some gentle exercise and speaking to friends and family members we decided on Yoga. We were lucky to find Chandra.
The yoga exercises she has set up for our different issues are gentle exercises at first, then a little more strenuous to build up strength and posture with both chair and standing poses.
We are enjoying working together and reaping the benefit of feeling fitter. Also we have found the relaxation techniques are very good for insomnia. Thank you Chandra

Mel R

Fantastic yoga class tonight, Chandra is so lovely and makes you feel so relaxed. Can’t wait for next week!

Michelle B

Chandra’s classes are welcoming and she always make you feel relaxed. You work at your own pace and Chandra helps you to gain confidence particularly great when you are a beginner. Highly recommend you attend a class.

Vanessa E

Chandra’s classes are fantastic, she gives everyone such a warm welcome and enables you to practice at your own level. Her classes are a great balance of challenging yourself and relaxation. It’s great to have the chance to try different types of yoga too, as Chandra puts a lot of thought into preparing different classes each week. Highly recommended for any level of experience.

Vanessa M

Always interesting, spiritual and fun, I highly recommend Chandra’s classes that come with love and light x


Chandra is an excellent yoga teacher, as she very calm and helpful with everyone. I would definitely recommend her to anyone to attend her sessions.
I will be returning again.