I didn’t stay asleep for long the night of the new Moon  last week. No matter how much I tried listening to meditations, and despite drinking relaxing herbal teas, I couldnt get back to sleep, my mind was feeling active, full of energy and creative ideas, So after lying there for a couple of hours I decided to sit and write this poem as many of the words kept buzzing around in my head in to my head hoping that if I commit them to paper, I might be able to get back to sleep.

So here we go !!

Its four in the morning I’m awake again, this wasn’t the plan!

my poor body and brain!

Ive listened to a meditation for a couple of hours I slept,

but now into my soul new energy has crept.

The Universe has had a different idea,

There are many things I’m meant to see feel and hear.

There is a strange tingling sensation on the surface of my skin,

with healing movements taking place within.

My body is bathed in a dancing light.

These magical downloads always seem happen at night.

I’m overwhelmed with divine love and guidance,

(although the timing is a bit of a nuisance)

A sense of feeling light as a feather ,

connected by the purest of tethers.

This must be a sign to trust in the Universe,

as it has given me the opportunity to serve.

My mind feels fertile filled with new seeds to sow

A knowing thats its my purpose to inspire others to grow.

Many souls are awakeneing called to spiritual evolution,

As intelligent beings surely we can find solutions,

to solve all the environmental issues we face.

before its too late !!!, lets connect with compassion to save the human race.

We must protect, our forests wildlife and Oceans, from devastation halting al cruelty and exploitation.

Its time to show kindness to all beings whether, feather, fur or skin

and come to the realisation that we are all kin!

I’ll leave you with this thought for the coming days

please try and look for new ways to see joy in the World around you.

Observe all the colours, textures and sounds.

Take time to plant your feet firmly on the ground, its beauty will astound you

and then when you appreciate all its glory, your heart will feel a shift,

thats when gratitude becomes your gift.

May you be blessed with an open heart , eyes and mind,

I guarantee the path to truth and enlightenment you will find.